The Jamaica Military Tattoo

31 July 2022

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The year 2022 will be a landmark year for Jamaica and the Jamaica Defence Force as both celebrates 60 years of proud achievement. The JDF will celebrate by hosting a military tattoo which promises a showcase of lively marching bands, precision drill movements and dynamic military displays and performances. The term “tattoo” originated in the 17th century while the British Army was fighting in the low countries of Belgium and the Netherlands. Back then, the Dutch phrase “doe den tap toe” which means to turn off the taps, was communicated by drum beat (and later by bugle call), as a warning to inn keepers to turn off the beer taps and for soldiers to return to their barracks for the night.

Over the years, “doe den tap toe” was shortened to become simply “tattoo” and today the event is a colourful, lively, military spectacle, known for thrilling audiences all over the world. There have been five Tattoos in Jamaica’s history. The most recent was the 2012 celebration of our 21st anniversary. With such an achievement in 1983, this year’s Tattoo can be no less impressive.

The Jamaica Military Tattoo 2022 will be held over four nights, running from the 28 June to 01 July at the JDF Polo Field in Up Park Camp. It promises four colourful nights of pomp, pageantry and military precision that will delight and amaze spectators, and will be talked about for years to come. Jamaica Military Tattoo 2022 will depict the historical perspective of the JDF from 1962 to the present, while projecting the Force’s future relevance. Come join us and be amazed!!!!!!

The Venue

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